Bored and Jobless(for now)

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Published on: May 13, 2014

Some of the youtubes I have been watching lately too!

I have been looking for work. This is a frustrating experience because I have some technological problems with the various websites I apply on. Every time I seem to be on the verge of getting a job it seems to disintegrate before my very eyes. This makes me depressed. Looking for work is one of my least favorite things to do. I have not had a regular job for awhile either so this makes looking for work frustrating. Fortunately, I do have some income coming in so, it is not as terrible as it could be, but I really need so much more. It bothers me that at my age I should probably be at the pinnacle of my career, and instead I am really nowhere. I think I may look for an online support group for job seekers maybe that will help me not feel so alone with this. Journaling is helpful as well. So , I decided to browse

Too Funny!

This is gonna be cool.


This is OK.