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Published on: June 25, 2014


Welcome to my yoga clothing closet. Some of these yoga outfits were purchased at local flea markets while others were passed down from my mother and aunt. I love the free flowing look of yoga clothing and when combined with 60s and 70s music, I have a great combination. Today I’m sorting through the clothes to determine what I’ll wear today since I’m headed to an outdoor book fair at the park and it will be close to 96 degrees.

I’m thinking about wearing my favorite blue and white¬†Yoga maxi skirt with a white camisole, blue hoop earrings and two white bangles for the wrist along with my wooden flip flops. This is something that happened before we were going to review… but that is for another day.

I’m really stumped because I also like this hot pink maxi dress with brown stripes in it. This dress is made of cotton so I’ll feel cool in it, and I have some wooden earrings that go well with it. Well, I think I’ll wear the blue skirt and white camisole today.