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Published on: July 18, 2014

Have you noticed that you get more “afraid” of things as you get older?  It’s crazy, but true for some reason.  I remember when I was younger, I didn’t have any fear at all, I could pick up lizards without squirming, bait a hook when we’d go fishing, and skate at speeds that seemed like about 100 miles per hour!  Nowadays…I don’t think so….why is that?  Just a thought that went through my head today as I go over my life.  Maybe this is one of the mysteries I can learn when i’m in school.  Yes, at my age, i’m going back!  Why not?  I’m looking into some scholarships for women over 40.  Yep, that’s my age, and proud of it!  I’m hoping to overcome some of my fears and get back to my fearless self when I was younger!